Featured Recipes

  • Here’s a high energy drink that’s low in calories. You can make fresh carrot juice in a juicer, or purchase it at the supermarket. Great for a breakfast or brunch drink, this carrot orange juice gets an extra kick of flavor from fresh ginger.

  • Make a yummy egg, cheese and bacon muffin in 5 minutes. Fast-food take-out sandwiches have 12 grams of fat. This egg and cheese muffin has only 3 grams of fat.

  • You don’t have to be around a campfire for these healthy s’mores! This healthy dessert is easy, fun and quick. Bananas dipped in dark chocolate and topped with crumbled graham crackers will become a f...

  • At less than half the fat of fast-food tacos, these tacos are great for a crowd. If you like them extra spicy, you can add some chopped jalapeños or some extra chili powder.

  • For a thin crust pizza that can be ready in minutes, try this Buffalo chicken pizza. Whole grain flat breads make an easy crust. If you want less spicy Buffalo chicken, hold off on the hot sauce.

  • Here’s a creamy Alfredo sauce that isn’t loaded with fat. This quick, easy pasta recipe makes any meal special. Fettuccine or linguine works best to hold the rich Alfredo sauce.

  • Head out to the ball game with this healthy caramel corn. At just 100 calories per serving, you’ll never want to buy boxed caramel corn again.

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